Daily Update / Gorn / Trip Diaries / Web Edition

v27.5 – Copyright, 404, and Gorn updates

I’ve updated the copyrights (remember those?) for the site. I totally blanked out and forgot to do it. I think that because the site was a hot mess last year and not functioning well I skipped the 2013 update so there were still parts of the site that were reading 2012. So I’ve updated the Gorn copyrights and the Gallery ones. The WordPress ones look like they update automatically so thankfully it is one less thing I have to worry about.

Also, I updated the 404 page on the main Club Josh WordPress install. Apparently if you get an error on any of the sites, it goes to the main 404 page. So I broke out links to the Gorn search engine and the Trip Diaries main page to hopefully help out the three people that still are trying to find old photos of the Gorn with Charo.

Speaking of Gorn, added a new Gallery of the Gorn in Joshua Tree NP as well as adding the corresponding 2014 links to the North American page, updating the list of places the Gorn has been as well as a completely random change to the Tahiti cover photo on the Oceania page. Finally took off the generic picture of Bora Bora and added a photo of the Gorn overlooking Papeete Harbor. I also fixed a problem with the old Celebrity redirect which apparently was non-functional.