Web Edition

v27.6 – New Hosting Provider

The entire Club Josh family of sites have been moved over with one day to spare to a new host. I’ve chosen Webfaction based on their money back guarantee and high ratings by users. It also helped they tweeted me. (Of course I expect that I will be getting many solicitation tweets over the next month or so, but oh well.)

No new content has been added, but I will be updating the Gorn galleries and Trip Diaries now that we are in a (hopefully) stable environment.

Part of the move is also the usual fixing of links inside of legacy blog entries. I’ve focused on the photos that were linked in the posts to make them work again, but I’ve also know there is some serious scrubbing that needs to be done. I’ve pretty much accepted that some links are dead, but where there are links to old blog posts in old blog posts I’ve tried to fix those. Other external links are just there to die.