Trip Diaries

v27.9 – Japan 2004 Ten Years Later

After 10 years, I finally finished transcribing my March 2004 Japan trip. One of those things that has slipped through the cracks. My Europe 2002 trip took 7 years to make it to the site, and this one took 10 – even though parts of it started appearing awhile ago. The October trip is another conundrum. I want to put something on the site, but I have zero notes from that trip other than a brief timeline written out. I will try something new and do a photo collection with brief notes and hopefully I will be motivated to do it before the 10th anniversary of that trip in October.

I still have last year’s Utah trip which also has zero notes, but is fresher in the memory so I should be able to put something together – even if it is in the photo/quick notes format.

I also did a quick modification to the template so that the diaries are displayed in forward chronological order for easier reading. This is contrary to how most blogs are laid out and I had to modify the template for the next and previous text links at the bottom of the archive page so it made sense.

Next up for the site is probably a new template, but also I am going to add select photos to the blog entries and possibly even whole galleries of photos from the trip (Europe 2007 will be a killer..) to make it more readable and enjoyable.

My blog-a-day keeps going and through today hasn’t missed a day! Woo hoo!