Daily Update / Web Edition

v30.8 – Format and Link Updates

Some long overdue housekeeping on the main site as I went through and did some link checks as well as reformatting the paragraph layouts of the entries. Some of the entries still have some of the errors from the first MT install and I can’t believe that some 20 year old links actually still work.

Important fixes include:

  • Fixing all of the Instagram links on the site – they used to be published from Instagram, but when I changed the account to private most of the links broke.
  • Removing Flickr Links – I am turning off Flickr next month so I needed to remove links and embedded photos in the blogs. There are a handful left but they were more involved and I wanted to get through the main format before I fixed them.

Instagram premiered on my site back in June 2013, but actually I have older Instagram photos I need to download and embed in the site. Ironically, I used Flickr like Instagram prior to 2010 – if only they didn’t fall behind.

Also fixed the long standing formatting issues on the older pre-2012 What’s New entries. They all now match the WordPress formatting of the later entries so when I switch site designs it should actually work..

The clock is running out on the 25th Anniversary so need to get a redesign done too!