v29.1 – Gorn Update

It’s been a banner travel year for the Gorn!

For the 9th Gorn update in 2015, added 6 new photos from Hangzhou, China and 23 new photos from Borneo – including Brunei, Malaysia, and Survivor Island..

v29.0 – Gorn Update

Added 36 photos of my recent trip to Xi’an and Beijing including the famous Terracotta Warriors as well as the Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. All of these are famous landmarks of China that was on my bucket list for being here.

Next up: Malaysia in two weeks!

v28.9 – Gorn, Jarre, and WordPress Update

Added 24 new Gorn photos from Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Also, WordPress auto-updated to 4.3.1 for a security patch.

Also minor update to add the new Jarre singles I have purchased and received with my pre-order of his forthcoming album, Electronica (Parts 1 and 2). It’s his first major body of work since 2007, so its the first time I’ve looked at the Jarre section in awhile. Maybe this will be the time for an update!

v28.8 – Gorn Update

Added 68 New photos covering the first two months of the Gorn in China. Locations include a few areas around Shanghai (Happy Valley, Yu Garden, and Tianzifeng), Huangshan, and Lingshan Grand Buddha. Much more traveling coming soon!

WordPress also did a security patch to 4.2.4 on all sites.

v28.7 – Gorn Update

Added 6 new photos of the Gorn in Sedona, Arizona

WordPress has also updated automatically to 4.2.2. It’s hard to keep up with the automatic service updates, but will mention them when I can.

Also, up and running on new computer with new tools so very excited to be ready for remote updates.

v28.5 – Gorn Update

Seems like the Gorn is doing the most traveling and updating on the site!

Added 17 new photos for:
LACMA Museum
Walt Disney World
Shanghai China!

More Asian photos coming soon later this year so stay tuned!